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Streaming with Pleasure

Live Streaming made easy for you

StreamSet is a client oriented, flexible and portable organization. Our main goal is to provide simple and optimized solutions for any interactive event of any complexity. 

We do not create common templates, but rather have an individual approach to all events. The higher the technical requirements are, the bigger the motivation of the team to win over is. After all, pursuit of new experiments and successful completion of the task are a pleasure one can hardly stay away from. 

StreamSet - Streaming with Pleasure!

About us

Providing best solutions

We are ready to make your event go live with smartphones and pro, in the streets or on set.

Individual approach

We approach every client individually, we understand their needs and find the best solutions to make them GO LIVE effectively!


No matter how hard your idea seems, we will bring it to simple steps and help you get there and GO LIVE!


We think out of the box and are ready to go live in any  place you need.


Successful projects

UAV CONTEST 2021 hawk

For the first time in 2021 we were asked to live stream the drone contest HAWK in Armenia in the region of Lori. We were asked to outflank some hills without internet connections. We sank into a world of radio transmitters to join bundles 5km away from each other and were able to keep uninterrupted connection for 8 hours. Every take off, any turn and bending, all the landing was captured by cameramen and streamed in real time to judges and public, to not miss any important or interesting moment.

The Last Ring 2.HEIC
Graduation Ceremony 2020-21 at Shirakatsi Lyceum

First time in the region, and may be in the world “The Last Ring” school event, that happened live, without students being physically on the stage. Unique event, that brought to tears all participants and those who were just watching it. Through hard and tenacious work of the team, we were able to put aside the COVID-19 situation and keep the good old tradition of Last Rings. You can watch it here.

International Conference

A hybrid conferences has made the world closer. Our task was to make the hybrid conference a comfortable event for participants from almost all CIS countries. The main goal was to make the audience feel at ease about the huge geography of the stream. No matter what was on screen: presentation file, video or speaker at the desk, it should resemble the same quality. We made these all requirements possible and good working. 


Contact us

We want to hear from you!


Tel: +374 98 673467

Yerevan, Armenia

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